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This amazing tea with “BUTTERFLY BLUE PEA FLOWER”naturally  turns bright bluish purple WHEN infused right before your eyes.  This Dessert tea has sweet raspberry and blue berry sour candy notes.  Add a squeeze of lemon to turn the infusion to  a hot pink color and refreshing zesty taste!



This unique Dessert tea is made with “BUTTERFLY PEA FLOWERS”  which naturally turn the infusion bright purplish blue.  This Dessert tea is sweet razz berry and blueberry notes that give  a slight candy sour punch!  Made with a base of green tea.  Delicious and sweet Hot or Cold!  Add lemon to change the color from purple/blue to reddish pink.  Start the water kettle at 185degrees and then pour over the tea and watch the amazing color emerge.  This tea is delicious and spectacular to watch infuse steep 2 minutes.

Ingredients : Organic Green Tea, organic butterfly blue pea flowers, organic rose hips , organic hibiscus, organic Cornflower petals, organic stevia leaf, natural flavor

Steep:180-185 degrees 2min

*Low caffeine


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