Sweet Vanilla Matcha Now 2oz Tin $18.99

This deliciously Sweet Vanilla Matcha blend is made with ceremonial HIGH grade organic Matcha green tea and has NO extra added sugar, unlike most companies our first ingredient is Matcha , we add natural stevia to sweeten our blends.  Simply add to hot water and whisk or stir in 1tsp of our sweet vanilla matcha for a decadent treat without all the calories.



 Newly upgraded Matcha quality and .5 MORE OZ.

This Sweet Vanilla Matcha Tea Blend is made with Ceremonial grade Organic matcha and natural vanilla flavor.  We use natural stevia leaf to sweeten our blends and always have Tea as the first ingredient.  This blend is smooth rich and creamy with sweet vanilla notes and delicious hot or cold.  And makes aprox 20/8oz cups of brewed tea

Ingredients : Ceremonial grade Organic Matcha green tea , Natural vanilla flavor, Stevia granules.

To prepare:  Water temp 165 degrees F

simply put in 1 tsp/8oz cup  of Vanilla matcha blend

you can use with your favorite milk or water and whisk together or simply stir.

*medium to high caffeine

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Weight 2 oz

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